Horror Latex Masks

I see you did not heed my warnings and have decided to venture on, very well then have your cushions at the ready to hide behind as you peruse our special latex masks,the zombies like Hooded Zombie or Zombie Decaying. The Werewolf packs with Werewolf Monster and Werewolf Prowler. The evil incarnate devils in his many forms like Devil Lord and Devil Red Skull. We have all the scariest faces here to haunt you to the end of days, our latex masks cover the full head and are highly detailed. 

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Animal Overhead Mask - Evil Unicorn ( Latex )
Evil Unicorn latex mask is one of many in our animal kingdom range for Halloween parites. Suitab..
Bloody wounded Face Mask
Horror Halloween Bloody Wounded Face Mask, this is a grotesque mask with a twisted face and with ..
Caricature Pop King Mask  (Latex)
Latex weird guy latex mask with white face, wide open mouth with pure white teeth, red lips and b..
Clown Evil 3/4 Mask  - With Hair (Latex)
Horror Halloween Evil Clown Latex Mask Deep down everyone is afraid of clowns. This mask will..
Devil Demon Mask - White Eyes (Latex)
The Devil Demon latex Mask with White eyes, this fearful mask is very eerie to stareat with its d..
Devil Red Skull Mask -  ( with Multi Horns - Latex)
Red shaded skull latex devil mask with many horns and fangs, spikes on the jaw ideal to go with a..
Dominc Dracula Latex Mask
Horror Halloween Dominc Dracula Latex Party Mask -BS-BM395 One of the oldest evils in this wo..
Evil Clown - Orange Hair  (Latex)
Horror Halloween Crazy Clown Latex Mask Creepy Clowns have been taken to the next level of ev..
Hooded Brown Skull Mask (Latex)
This mask is certain to chill you down to the bone. This latex skull mask with black hood is desi..
Hooded Corpse Skull Mask (Latex)
Full face White and grey shaded, evil, yellow eyed latex corpse hooded figure mask with black hoo..
Hooded Pumpkin Skull Mask (Latex)
It's time to terrorise the neighbours with this orange pumpkin skull mask, complete with nasty fa..
Hooded Undead Man Mask  (Latex)
Horror Halloween Hooded Undead Man Latex Mask -BS-BM393 Take being undead to the next level w..
Hooded Zombie Mask  (Latex)
Horror Halloween Hooded Zombie Mask Become the walking dead with this gruesome zombie mask co..
Joker Mask
Scary Joker from Batman Dark Night Movie Character Mask. This mask is pefect for halloween partie..
Michael Myers Halloween Movie Mask ( Latex)
Horror Michael Myers Halloween Movie Latex Party Mask This mask needs no introduction, Michae..
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