Horror Latex Masks

I see you did not heed my warnings and have decided to venture on, very well then have your cushions at the ready to hide behind as you peruse our special latex masks,the zombies like Hooded Zombie or Zombie Decaying. The Werewolf packs with Werewolf Monster and Werewolf Prowler. The evil incarnate devils in his many forms like Devil Lord and Devil Red Skull. We have all the scariest faces here to haunt you to the end of days, our latex masks cover the full head and are highly detailed. 

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Michael Myers Mask (Zombie - Latex)
Halloween Horror Michael Myers Rob Zombie ( Deluxe ) Go all out this year with this deluxe..
Nail Head Mask (Latex)
Nailed head latex face mask with evil grin, vampire like teeth and open wounds. Ideal for a walki..
Saw Pig Mask (Latex - Saw Movie )
This is the official licenced mask for the SAW pig. Latex pigs head with mouth stitched shut, bla..
Scary Clown Mask - Red Afro Hair (Foam Latex)
Horror Halloween Scary Afro Clown Latex Mask -26473 This crazy evil look clown is with red af..
Scary Nocturnal Vampire Bat Creatures (Latex)
Horror Scary Nocturnal Bat Creatures Latex Party Mask Be a creature of the night in beast for..
Scary Realistic Wolf with Black Hair (Latex)
Horror Halloween Mythical Realistic Monsters Wolf Howl at the moon all night long with this b..
Skeleton Grey Skull Mask   (Latex)
Horror Halloween Grey Skull Mask Wear your insides on the outside with this grey Skull Latex ..
Skull Half Face Mask (with Grey Hair - Latex)
Half skull with vampire like teeth, black eye holes with frowning expression and grey hair, latex..
Sloth Goonies Mask  (Latex)
Sloth Goonies Mask  (Latex) Theme: horror, Halloween, devil, hell, fancy party, fancy dr..
Smiling Clown (with Black Curly Hair - Latex)
White evil faced latex smiling man with open mouth and white teeth, long black frizzy rock star l..
Vampire Mutant Overhead Mask (Latex)
Horror Halloween Vampire Mutant Overhead Mask. Deep down everyone is afraid of clowns. This m..
Werewolf Monster Mask -  Grey Hair  (Latex)
Horror Halloween Growling Grey Werewolf Latex Mask -24130 Growling Grey Werewolf Latex Mask. ..
Werewolf Prowler Mask - Red Eyes / Grey Hair (Latex)
Horror Halloween Grey Prowler Werewolf Mask Grey Hair Scary Plower werewolf latex mask with R..
White Face Skull with Hood (Latex)
White Face Skull with Hood (Latex). Theme: horror, Halloween, devil, hell, fancy party, fancy..
White Skull Mask with Grey Hair - Foam Latex
White Comfy Latex Foam Skill Mask with grey long hair. Theme: horror, Halloween, devil, hell,..
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