Horror Latex Masks

I see you did not heed my warnings and have decided to venture on, very well then have your cushions at the ready to hide behind as you peruse our special latex masks,the zombies like Hooded Zombie or Zombie Decaying. The Werewolf packs with Werewolf Monster and Werewolf Prowler. The evil incarnate devils in his many forms like Devil Lord and Devil Red Skull. We have all the scariest faces here to haunt you to the end of days, our latex masks cover the full head and are highly detailed. 

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Witch Mask with Grey Hair & Wig
Horror HalloweenWitch Mask with Grey Hair & Wig , this is a grotesque mask with a twiste..
Wolf Mask Overhead With Fur - Brown
Horror Halloween Brown She Wolf Latex Mask Opened mouth Brown Hair 'She' Wolf Latex mask , bl..
Zipped Face Mask (With Blood)
Zipped Face Mask (With Blood) , this is a grotesque mask with a twisted face and with rustry..
Zipped Man Mask  (Latex)
Halloween Overhead Latex Zipped Man masks. One Size Fits Most - Adult Theme: horror, Hall..
Zombie Blood Mouth Mask
Realiastic Zombie Blood Mouth Overhead Halloween Latex Mask. This mask is pefect for halloween pa..
Zombie Decay Tongue Out Mask
Realiastic Zombie Decay Tongue Out Overhead Halloween Latex Mask. This mask is pefect for hallowe..
Zombie Decaying Mask - Grey Hair (Latex)
This is a highly detailed deacying zombie mask, gray in colour with whispy hair, very realistic w..
Zombie One Eye (with Hair - Latex)
One eyed latex zombie mask with beaten effect skin and decaying jaw line, scruffy blonde hair and..
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